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Common House Moving Superstitions 

Anywhere you go, you would want to bring good luck to you. Superstitions when moving to a new house typically involves inviting good luck or warding off negative spirits. There are many superstitions involved when moving into a new home, and you will lose virtually nothing from following them. So aside from bringing the services of movers Mechanicsburg PA note these beliefs with you on your change of home.

Choose A Moving Date 

Superstitious people will make sure to move on a lucky day. Too many things can go awry when relocating, and choosing and planning around a date will ensure that you are prepared and ready to go. Common Western myths believe that moving on a Friday is notoriously bad, while Thursday is deemed to be the luckiest day of the week. Try to time your move with the waxing of the moon to maximize luck. Rain during move-in day is a bad omen, according to superstitions. But aside from that, rain and other weather conditions can ruin your plans.  

Enter Through The Main Door 

The first time you arrive in your new home, enter through the main door. The first time you need to leave, exit through the same door. This ritual, so people say, enables you to settle into your new home fully. 

Bring These Inside 

Certain symbolic items can be brought inside when entering your new home for the first time. Bread, the most basic of foods symbolizing a sustained life, and salt, which never spoils or decays symbolizing permanence, are good choices to bring with you. Rice, candles, honey, and wine are similar items of prosperity, abundance, and good fortune, and are believed to please the spirits living in your new home. 

Leave The Broom Behind 

Chinese tradition dictates that bringing your old broom or mop to your new home is bad luck, as they are said to contain the negativities swept up with them. Bring new ones to your home to signal a fresh start. These are merely superstitious beliefs, but what could hurt in following them? Lean on them for a little bit to ensure your luck. But whatever superstitions work for you, finding the best movers, such as movers Mechanicsburg PA, will provide a most auspicious move.…

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