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5 Reasons Why You Should Move During Summer

Moving into a new house does not end after settling the contract and payments in your new place. You must also consider when should be the perfect time for it. Summer may be the busiest time moving season, but it is also a good time for you and your family to move. Here are the best five reasons why you should move during the summer.

Summertime Has The Best Weather

The best reason why you should move in summer is because of its fair weather. Imagine transferring to a new place during the winter season, where it is freezing and slippery. Icy pavements, slipping and sliding on the roads, snowbanks, and other accidents might happen while you are moving. The cold hands and feet are also bothersome while lugging item after item to and fro.

During summer, the weather is warm and dry, so it is a lot easier and convenient to move things. Good weather would not get your stuff wet, moldy, or frosty. You can safely move your treasured antiques and other valuables that are sensitive to weather conditions.

Perfect Time for Garage Sale

Summer is also the season for a garage sale, so gather your unwanted things and make money from it. People also love going to yard sales during this season, that’s why more people will buy your old stuff. The earned money will also help with the expenses of movers.

Good Time to Sell House

Because summer is moving season, your old house will have more potential buyers.  You sell, so you move. Selling and moving are two sides of the same coin. When you decide to move, it’s time to sell. Statistics said 80% of all moves in the United States occurs during summer, between April and September.

Work Transfer

Summer is the peak season for moving, even though it is not a job hiring season. People find seasonal work in the summer or may be forced to relocate temporarily. You can also find a new job in your new place, or prepare for the job hiring peak season in fall. It is better to settle down in advance than cram when you already got a new job.

School for your Kids and College Students

The school year starts during the fall, so before it starts, settle down in your new place during summer. It will also give your children some time to adapt to your new house. Transferring school during the middle of a term is also very unsettling. This season is also when college students move out of the home to go to college.

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