Road Signs And Their Meanings

Road Signs And Their Meanings

Whether you are planning to enroll for Orlando driving lessons or merely studying for your first driver’s exam, reviewing the road signs and their meanings is essential. This knowledge allows you to be safe and always ready on the road. That said, here are four more commonly seen road signs and what they mean:

Keep Right Or Keep Left Sign

This sign is most commonly seen when there is an ongoing construction or obstruction in the roadway. This sign informs drivers, like you, to be aware of the change in the path. If the blockings are on the left side, all vehicles will only be allowed to pass through the right area, and vice versa. 

Men At Work Sign

This sign is another warning for drivers of approaching road work. The men at work sign protect not only the drivers and their passengers but also the workers in the upcoming construction. Usually, this sign is accompanied by signages like detour or road work ahead, slow down.

No U-Turn Sign

There are quite several variations of this sign. However, the most common one is the official version, a curved arrow with a U-turn, and a prohibition symbol over it. This sign only means that you cannot change the position of your vehicle in the opposite direction anytime. 

Speed Limit Sign

Speed limit signs are the most common sign seen on public highways, schools, business areas, and more. This sign allows vehicles to maintain a specific speed to avoid accidents, especially in a crowded area. Although there is varying speed on different states, residential streets usually follow the 25 miles per hour.

Several public highways also follow the speed limit of 55 miles per hour but also change depending on the state. Some may be 45, and the others run for up to 65 miles per hour. There is a better way to perfect the road signs and their meanings, and that is to enroll in a reliable school like Orlando FL driving school.

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