3 Ways to Make Attractive Gin Labels

3 Ways to Make Attractive Gin Labels


Having a strong brand is always vital. Because no matter what type of gin you plan on producing, it’s crucial to remember that what’s on the inside is as every bit as important as what’s outside of your personalized gin label

Choosing the Bottle

Always make sure that the bottles you choose have an area large enough for a label. You will need this area even, untampered and with straight sides. Often, they do not typically work on conical shapes or ridged, bumpy, and rounded surfaces. It’s vital to make sure that your final printed label associates with the original design in terms of clarity and color. To ensure accuracy, you can always use digital photo printing.

If you find it challenging to choose from a wide array of label sizes and shapes, keep in mind that straight oval, plaque-shaped, and oval labels work surprisingly well on gin bottles with the portrait orientation. You will also find round, rectangle, and square titles available in various sizes. If you opt for small labels, they are ideal for adding a pop of color or a certain message for gin stickers.

Choosing Your Materials

Gin labels from materials with high quality, such as good adhesive, will guarantee that your label design will keep on looking fresh and new. Make sure to invest in bond and label technology to avoid scuffing, slippage, and fading since there can be a problem in transportation, handling, and storage conditions. Make sure your gin bottle looks good as new on arrival as you send them off.

If you have a business on gin, choose the type of label material that has your brand in reflection, the gin type you currently produce, and the needed durability. If you make gin as gifts, then you might a look that is more “handmade.”

Legal Requirements

Some laws in certain states describe a spirit as a drink with at least 15% alcohol content, which also lists the main groups, including gin. The information you display has to be clear, on the gin bottle, and easy to find, rather than placing it on the packaging that often gets thrown away. Remember these don’ts as well:

  • Encourage drunkenness or binge drinking
  • Associate your gin with anti-social behavior, violence, and illegal or sexual activities
  • Downplay the strength of the alcohol, unless it is less than normal

Gin labels make a confident impression on buyers. You will need one that immediately catches their attention and makes them think your bottle is worth buying. By adding the right amount of creativity and quality to it, you’ll have customers lining up for your gin.

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